" Thank you so much for visiting us and sharing love for wood art! Please, let me tell you something about the way we experience life.

We are Rowan and Joseph, living in the Hungarian forest. We share this life with a big, hairy family - consisting donkeys, goats, dogs, cats, pigs and everything that feels like joining - and most of times many volunteers from all corners of the world. 

3 years ago, Jo made me my very first homemade dread bead. The thing was like a huge piece of wood with a little hole drilled in it - and I LOVED it. Hahaha. Looking back, we come to see that we've learned SO much about woodwork and, particularly, wooden beads. Most of time, those beads are meant to be worn by dreadheads - but we make beads for crafting people as well. There's beads for everyone, hurray! :-) 

We make beads on feeling. Creativity, love and attention flows whenever it has the freedom to go however it likes. Of course, we strive to create pieces looking like shown in their listings pictures - nevertheless, not one piece will ever be the same. We've made many custom orders - these are the most precious to me. People with touching, moving, emotional stories came to us, asking us to put it's energy into a piece of woodart, as a memorial to someone or something. I love, love, love this. Thank you so much for your trust in our creativity.

Enjoy every detail of mother nature's art, as we do too. It all is already there... and it has been all the time! We just have to touch it, being gentle with whatever lives upon this beautiful planet.
We're very grateful to have found the place and freedom in both a physical and spiritual way - allowing us to select the most beautiful pieces of Nature, gathering them to create a beautiful, balanced center pieces, especially for you.

We will do whatever we can to connect our wooden babies with the ones that adopted them. We want you to open our envelope with excitement - to feel the waves of joy coming through - to experience the explosion of love coming straight out of it!

Thank you so much for supporting us, our farm, and Mother Gaia!

Rowan and Joseph and the hairy family of Noah's Nest "

You can find the current Hanahonua items here .

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↠ Verzending

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