RAW ROOTs - Hydraterende olie voor huid, baard, haar. Geschikt voor dreadlocks - 100 ml

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RAW ROOTs Dreadlock Hydrating Oil - Moisturising and caring 

Hydrating Oil by RAW ROOTs is a mixture of 100% organic oils that help balance, stimulate and protect hair and scalp. Intensive care that restores and strengthens the skin’s protective barrier while soothing and relieving the skin. Nourishes the skin with essential fatty acids that are necessary for the skin to function optimally.

The base of this oil is pure organic and vegetable oils with essential fatty acids which is necessary for the skin to function optimally.

Organic Jojoba, Avocado and Evening primrose oil heal and soothe the scalp and particularly suitable for sensitive and problematic skin. The hair is strengthened, softened and nourished by natural antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Broccoli nourishes the skin / hair and prevents moisture loss, it closes the cuticle on the hair and protects it from drying out.

The essential oils from Ravensara, Sandalwood and Geranium are pure scalp therapy that stimulate blood circulation and have a strong antiseptic effect. Works tallow-regulating and smells like a walk in the deep forest.

How to use Hydrating Oil
- For use on the scalp:
Spread the oil with the pointed spout directly on the scalp, lightly massage and let it sit for a half to 2 hours before the hair is washed with shampoo.
- For use in the lengths and tips:
Apply a few drops of oil between your hands and spread easily through the hair. Use on damp hair for best result.

TIP: Use it as a luxury body oil or if you have problems with dry skin, eczema or psoriasis. Apply after bath or on damp skin, it penetrates best and nourishes the skin.


RAW ROOTs is a range of organic care products for dreadlocks. Some of these products are certainly also suitable for regular hair with low-poo methods (shampoo without residue), for taking care of dry hair (also for non-dreads) and for washing the body.

These high quality products are hand made by Lisa. She has work experience as a hairdresser and that has learned her a lot about hair and scalp. Furthermore she has followed some courses in herbalism and studied the healing properties of plants for medicinal applications and cosmetic use. 
She says that there are more then enough plants with advantages for hair and skin, and that it is way better to use these as ingrediënts instead of their synthetic, usually harmfull substitutes.
Lisa lives in the midst of nature in a self-built house made of recycled materials. That's where she produces her own handmade products.


RAW ROOTs is een gamma biologische verzorgingsproducten voor dreadlocks. Een aantal van deze producten zijn zeker ook bruikbaar voor gewoon haar met low-poo methodes (shampoo zonder residu), voor het verzorgen van droog haar (ook voor niet-dreads) en voor het wassen van het lichaam.

Deze hoog kwalitatieve producten worden handgemaakt door Lisa. Ze heeft werkervaring als kapster, waardoor ze veel leerde over haar en hoofdhuid. Ze volgde verder nog opleidingen in kruidenleer en bestudeerde hun eigenschappen voor medicinale toepassingen en cosmetisch gebruik. Ze stelt dat er meer dan voldoende planten zijn met fantastische eigenschappen voor huid en haar, en dat we veel beter deze bestanddelen kunnen gebruiken dan hun synthetische, meestal schadelijke vervangers.
Lisa woont tenmidden van de natuur in een zelfgebouwd huis, gemaakt van gerecycleerde materialen. Daar maakt ze ook al haar producten zelf. 

Specificatie Omschrijving
Ingrediënten Safflower Oil* Hemp Seed oil* Jojoba Oil* Evening Primrose Oil* Broccolif Seed Oil* Sandalwood Oil* Rave Sara Oil* Geranium Oil* Sunflower Oil* Rosemary Oil* *Organic.

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